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Westwind Farms Chessie Photo Gallery

Many thanks to Mario Beauregard of Nordais Kennels, the breeder of Dual CH and AFC Rudy, for providing many of the photos taken at the 1997, 2001, and 2005 ACC National Field Specialties, displayed below.  For more photos by Mario, you can visit his website at http://www.nordais.qc.ca/.

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American Chesapeake Club National Field Specialty 2009
Burnham, Maine

loppy and ripley
The breed's newest field titled females, "Rudy" daughters and littermates FC AFC Deepwater Colonial Sunfire and
AFC Deepwater Ripley Believe it or aka "Loppy and Ripley"
1st place AFC Ripley
(Rudy daughter) (photo Jane Pappler)
qual winners
paladin and wendy

Qualifying Winners
1st Ed Murray and "Yogi"
2nd Wendy and Paladin (Rudy son)
3rd Mitch Patterson and "JJ's Rachel"
4th Jane Pappler and Redlion's Hit Doctor
(photo by Jane Pappler)

Paladin and Wendy
(photo Donna Kelliher)
Paladin with his trophy and 2nd place ribbon
(photo by Jane Pappler)
Katie, Amateur JAM
(photo by Jane Pappler)
hannah and wendy
wendy and hannah
Hannah and Wendy "waiting our turn"
(photo Mario Beuregard)
Hannah and Wendy at the open
(photo Donna Kelliher)
spirit and mark
derby winners
"Spirit of Westwind" (a Katie and Mistral pup) derby 2nd, with handler Mark Mosher. Spirit is owned by Marion Mosher. Spirit also has an all-breed derby win.
She made the national derby list with 11 points in 2010.
(photo by Jane Pappler)
Derby winners

American Chesapeake Club National Field Specialty 2007
Stillwater, Oklahoma

wendy and tow truck
field trial grounds
Wendy was off with a shaky start with a head on collision with a deer in Kentucky.
Field trial grounds in Oklahoma with many gas and oil wells in the fields.
wendy and sam
Wendy and Dr. Sam Long of the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School , at the trial grounds in Oklahoma, after taking samples for research on Degenerative Mylopathy and Exercise Induced Collapse.
(Photo by Billy Smith)
Dr. Sam Long explaining the research to former ACC Presidents Wendy Shepard Chisholm V.M.D. and Melissa Schuman L.V.T.
(Photo by Billy Smith)

wendy and palladin

Paladin, running his first derby, makes it to the last series.
(Photo by Billy Smith)
Paladin takes 4th place in the puppy stakes.
(Photo by Jane Pappler)
Hannah took 3rd place in the puppy stakes. (Action photo by Jane Pappler)
Hannah in Oklahoma
Shawnee earns a JAM in the puppy stakes.

Photos from the 2005 ACC Field Specialty

Dual CH AFC Sunday's Rufwater Canvasback MH with owner/handler Scott Martin.
AFC Hurricane Express Courier
decks, hummer, Bruce
DC AFC Gabler's Dilwyn Stacked Deck, 13 years old, returning with a shot pheasant flyer in a ceremoney honoring him at the Specialty.
Dual CH Decks with owner Bruce Mitchell and Hummer.
dual champions
duals and owners
Dual CH Canvas, Tiger, Decks, and Blaze....
...and their owners, Scott Martin, Billy Smith, Bruce Mitchell, and Kurt Bertram.
hummer and Bruce
Distagon's ATV of Nordais, "Hummer", Amateur 1st place with Bruce Mitchell.
Westwind Colonial Rimfire, "L.B.", a Decks/Mackenzie son, on his way to his field championship, owned by Mike Coutu.
coutu's open 1st
open placements
CH Westwind Colonial Starfire, Open 1st, with proud owner Mike Coutu. Star is a littermate to CH Rudy's Georgia of Westwind.

Open Placements
1st CH Westwind Colonial Starfire MH with Mike Coutu
2nd CH Crossbar's Raggity Ann with Bruce Ahlers
3rd DC AFC Bertram's Blazing Firewater with Kurt Bertram
4th Hurricane Abbygale of Creekside with John Ackerman

Katie's qual win
Westwind Ms Katahdin with Wendy, Qualifying 1st
Bur Oak's Unique Trapper with Gary Kavan, Qualifying 4th.
CH Rudy's Georgia of Westwind**WDX, 2005 ACC National Field Specialty, Winslow, NJ. Georgia is a littermate to CH Westwind's Colonial Starfire, the OPEN winner at the 2005 ACC Natinal Field Specialty.
CH Rudy's Georgia of Westwind, winner of the field trial bitch class at the 2005 National Show Specialty.
Westwind Abernaki Chief
CH Silvercreek Murray Samuel MH, owned and trained by Mike Moscowitz, without the use of an electronic collar.
Steve Sherbondy with Westwind Primetime Deke, 9 months old, winner of the Junior Puppy stake. Deke is a CH Saco MH and CH Westwind Stitch in TIme JH puppy.
(Photo by Jane Pappler)
Deke in action!
(Photo by Jane Pappler)
2nd place in the Junior Puppy stake is 8 month old Westwind La Lola with her owner Wendy. Lola is out of Bur Oak's Unique Trapper*** and CH* Rudy's Georgia of Westwind**.
(Photo by Jane Pappler)
10 week old Westwind Whispering Cove, "Larry", with proud owner Mike Moscowitz. Larry is a CH Silvercreek's Murray Samuel *** MH and CH Westwind Stitch in Time JH puppy.
(Photo by Jane Pappler)

Photos from the 2001 ACC Field Specialty

Dual Champions Decks and Rudy
Rudy and two of his sons
A Pair of Dual Champions
l-r, Decks and Rudy
The only living Dual Champions of all retriever breeds
Rudy and two of his sons, Saco and Blaze
Cato with his derby win awards
wendy rudy mitch
Cato, son of Rudy, with his Derby win awards
Wendy with Rudy and handler Mitch Patterson

Photos from the 1997 ACC Field Specialty

Three Generations - Blaze, Rudy, and Chase
Mackenzie and Wendy
Three generations of Champions
l-r, son Blaze, Papa Rudy, Grandpa Chase
Mackenzie (sister of Blaze) and Wendy field trialing

Westwind Farm Family Photos

Grandpa Rudy
Georgia and Rudy
Grandpa Rudy
Daughter Georgia and Papa Rudy
Cato as a puppy
Rudy and Wendy with his ribbons
 Cato Puppy Picture
Wendy and Rudy with his awards
Rudy with more trophies
Rudy and Wendy at work
Rudy with more of his hardware
Wendy and Rudy at work
Matilda's Cover Photo
Stitches and Rudy
Matilda's cover shot for AKC Hunting Test Herald
Grandpa Rudy with new puppy Stitches
Katie, Abe, and Wendy
group pictures
Wendy with Katie and Abe in the fall of 2003

Left to right: Katie, Abe, Mackenzie, Rudy, Georgia

Fall 2003

the family
Nov 2007: Hunting season in Maine (Paladin, Mackenzie, Abe, Lola, Katie and Hannah)

Abe and Katie at work and play

wendy, abe, and katie
wendy and abe
Wendy, Abe, and Katie at home on Westwind Farm
Wendy and Abe
katie splashing
katie leading abe
Katie on splashdown
Abe and Katie on take-off. Katie is in the lead.

Abe and Georgia puppies



She is 10 weeks old and lives in Texas. She is just returning from a swim.


At 12 weeks she is already looking for a bird down when she hears gun fire. Here she is after retrieving her first duck. She belongs to the owners of a hunting preserve in New Hampshire.

boat blind


Dempsey waiting for ducks.

dock dog
Dempsey, long distance water jump champion



Bayriver's Westwind Abbie retrieving a pigeon at 2-3 months.


Bayriver's Westwind Abbie at 4 months playing in the leaves.

Abe and Abby puppies

heidi and patrick
Maggie's first hunt! She's an Abe/Abby puppy.
Heidi with her first Junior Hunter leg and her owner/handler Patrick.
8 week old "Buffle", an Abby/Abe pup in her new home on Chesapeake Bay.
adel with pigeon
adel with boy
Westwind's Adel with her new family in the Ukraine, retrieving pigeons at 9 weeks old.
Westwind's Adel recently won her Show Champion in the Ukraine at one year old.

Abe and Dory

"Gunner" is a 90 pound hard going, stylish field dog who loves to work.
gunner and lois
Gunner, with trainer Lois Munro.
He won the Qualifying at Palmetto in March 2009.
"Chief", a Gunner and Lola pup, at 10 weeks old
Gunner and Lola
"Maggie" at 9 months old.
She is owned by Dr. Randy Davis in Alabama.
"Chief", at 6 months old, owned by Scott Besade in Connecticut.
maggie maggie
Maggie had great first season hunting this year, picking up close to 150 birds. She is also a great family pet.
Gunner and Shawnee
Page at her new home in Belgium
Page at 8 weeks
Page retrieving at 10 weeks
Page loves to retrieve!

Lola and Mistral puppies

JJ retrieving a bumper in Belgium
JJ at 6 months


JJ at 11 months
JJ winning Best of Breed in Luxembourg

JJ's first hunting season in Belgium

Kali at 7 months on Long Island
Poacher at his new home on Long Island
Poacher at 8 weeks old
poacher and friend
poacher 2008
Poacher and friend
Poacher 2008
Poacher's first hunting season on Long Island
He retrieved over 1000 birds this season
Maggie's favorite pastimes are retrieving and swimming in the ocean

Katie and Mistral puppies

katie/mistral pup katie/mistral pup
Pups at 7 weeks
katie/mistral pup
katie/mistral pup
Pups at 7 weeks
Scout is getting ready to run hunt tests and derby this spring.
spirit and mark
"Spirit of Westwind" with handler Mark Mosher. Spirit has an all-breed derby win and is owned by Marion Mosher.
"Spirit of Westwind" is 2009 High Point Chesapeake derby dog in the country with 11 derby points.
Paladin and Katie pups - born 11-08-10
millie "Millie" in her new home in MA at 8 weeks.
sammie "Sammie" at 10 weeks old, enjoying an old-fashioned Maine winter.
Mistral and Hannah pups
rhett "Southern Scoundral of Westwind" at 10 weeks old. "Rhett" lives in North Carolina and is owned by Jon Schroll.
Westwind Whispering Cove *** MH ( "Larry" owned by Mike Moscowitz) and some of his pups
mike and larry Mike and Larry
gus "Gus" Skookum Creek's Gust of Westwind, owned by Tim and Julie Higgins at 9 and 10 weeks old
Shawnee and Larry pups
Grenadier at 10 weeks gren

West Wind Grenadier Fetching

pup owned by
Dan Schneider of Missouri


More Pups from Westwind Farms

Westwind Yankee of Batzi's, call name, "Jeni", owned by Carita Sulkava of Finland. Jeni is an energetic bitch with a lot of drive. She is a littermate to "Deke" (1st place in the puppy stakes at the 2005 National Field Specialty), out of CH Saco *** MH and CH Westwind Stitch in Time JH.
Jeni retrieves all rabbits and birds and is training for field trials.
"Rizzo" a Saco and Stitches daughter, surfing in California
"Belle", on her first goose hunt in Canada this year at one year old. She is out of Abby and CH Silvercreek Murray MH ***.

All in the Family

Kurt and Blaze

Dual CH AFC Bertram's Blazing Firewater MH and Kurt at the 2004 South Jersey trial

(Picture by Billy Smith)

Another champion Rudy son
Dual CH AFC Bertram's Blazing Firewater MH

Westwind's Colonial Rimfire
mike and lop

Mike Coutu & L.B. - Westwind's Colonial Rimfire***
Son of Mackenzie & 2002 High Point Derby Dog

Mike with Lop (AFC Deepwater Colonial Sunfire), another Rudy daughter, after they qualified to run the 2004 National Amateur in Batavia, NY

Mike Coutu accomplished the rare feat of titling two litter sisters in 2009.
AFC Deepwater Ripley Believe It Or Not and FC AFC Deepwater Colonial Sunfire.
They were bred by Dale and Maggie Langhorne out of their Clipper's Stillwater Molly MH** and Wendy Shepard Chisholm's Dual Ch AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais.

Fall 2007

2 rudy sons
2 rudy sons
Two Rudy sons hunting their first season at 6 and 7 months old (Rudy/Belle and Rudy/Meg) in October 2007.

Fall 2009

Chief, a Lola/Gunner pup, with owner Scott Besade waiting for the geese to come in
Mario and Mistral
goose hunting in Canada
mistral hunting in canada
Goose hunting in Canada
Watching for geese in Canada


Westwind's Kennel

Stud Dogs

abe Abe

palladin Paladin

molly Molly

sammie Sammie

annie Annie


Former Stars
lola Lola

shawnee Shawnee
Katie Katie
hannah Hannah


In Memoriam

cider Cider


News Flash:

2018 Placements

5/4 JAM Md Retriever Club
5/22 RJAM Central New York
10/18 Qualifying JAM at Women's Trial
12/8 Qualifying 3rd at Tallokas Trial

Amateur JAM LCRC 8/24/18
Amateur 3rd at ACC Field Specialty on 10/25/17

Open 4th at CNYRC on 5/26/17

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dog head Abe and Maggie due 9/30/18

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