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  • Training Your Retriever, by James Lamb Free.  This book is a classic and has sections on Chesapeakes, Labradors, and Goldens.
  • The Working Retrievers, by Tom Quinn, et. al.  This is my all-time favorite and covers every aspect of training dogs for hunting and field trials from the beginning to the most advanced levels.
  • Training Retrievers To Handle, by D.L. and Ann Walters.  This book is an excellent source of information for the more advanced training in handling required by retrievers to compete successfully in field trials and hunt tests.
  • The Retriever Game, by Boyd Gibbons.  This is a fun book to read for those interested in the life of field trialers and their dogs competing in the national field trial circuit.  It profiles some of the well-known professional field trial trainers.


Westwind's Kennel

Stud Dogs

abe Abe

palladin Paladin

molly Molly

sammie Sammie

annie Annie


Former Stars
lola Lola

shawnee Shawnee
Katie Katie
hannah Hannah


In Memoriam

cider Cider


News Flash:

2019 Placements
3/30 Qualifying 2nd at Women's FT Club
4/13 Qualifying 4th at South Jersey Trial
5/13 Amateur JAM at Colonial in CT
5/10 Qualifying 3rd at Westchester in NJ

Amateur JAM LCRC 8/24/18
Amateur 3rd at ACC Field Specialty on 10/25/17

Open 4th at CNYRC on 5/26/17

Future Litters

dog head Late Fall 2019 Sage and Abe

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