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About Wendy Shepard Chisholm and Westwind Farm

Westwind Farm is our 200 acre home located in rural, central Maine in the town of Levant.  We are located approximately 20 miles outside of Bangor.  My husband John and I purchased our farmhouse when we married in 1984.  Built in 1862, our lovely homestead was originally a working dairy farm.

Both John and I keep busy with work on our family farm. Along  with our daughter Kimberley and our son, Nathan, we all enjoy working together, striving to be self-sufficient.  We raise our own meat with several Hereford cows and keep spring lambs.  There are several apple orchards on the grounds and we have added two farm ponds.  These ponds make great training grounds for our dogs, as well as boundless recreational opportunities for ourselves and our two children.

In 2007 we were fortunate to acquire an additional 100 acres of farmland that provides great training grounds for the dogs. We also completed construction of a new building housing 6 indoor kennels.

John recently retired as a geologist working for the State of Maine. He is currently busy at home working on a garage, where he can house and work on his antique tractors. He also continues to enjoy success as a writer, with the planned publication of his second novel in the winter of 2006.

I also work full time running a small animal veterinary practice. I enjoy working as a small animal veterinarian and love raising and training Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  From 1993 to 1996 I served on the Board of Directors for the Maine Veterinary Medical Association and 1997 was President of the MVMA.  In 1998 I served on the Board of Directors of the American Chesapeake Club and the ACC's Health Committee.  During this time the Health Committee worked hard on a Breed Health Survey for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

In 1999 I was elected President of the ACC and served as President for two years.  During this time the groundwork for establishing the ACC Charitable Trust was completed and the Trust became a reality in 2000.  After two years as President of the ACC, I focused on chairing the ACC National Field Specialty in Burnham, Maine in September 2001.  In conjunction with the Field Specialty, a Bennelli gun raffle fundraiser was held to raise money to fund a breed health survey.  I was pleased to return $4500 to the ACC Charitable Trust from that fundraiser.

John, Wendy, Kim, and Nathan at work on the farm making apple cider. John and Mitch Patterson, working on the farm, during Mitch and Linda's visit in 2009 for the ACC Field trial Specialty.


new kennel
new property
New kennels, with Westwind Ms. Katahdin MH*** and Westwind Mackenzie Goldrush**
Fall 2008, clearing our new property
nathan snowshoeing
snowshoeing xmas 2008
Winter 2009. Nathan snowshoeing and CH Westwind's Abernaki Chief MH *** bringing in wood for the winter
Xmas 2008: Wendy, Kim and Nathan snowshoeing, with CH* Rudy's Georgia of Westwind** and CH Westwind's Abernaki Chief MH*** playing in the snow
new farm pond
new farm pond

new farm pond

Pictures of the new farm pond and Wendy and Hannah
Completed 2009


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abe Abe

palladin Paladin

molly Molly

sammie Sammie

annie Annie


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lola Lola

shawnee Shawnee
Katie Katie
hannah Hannah


In Memoriam

cider Cider


News Flash:

2019 Placements
3/30 Qualifying 2nd at Women's FT Club
4/13 Qualifying 4th at South Jersey Trial
5/13 Amateur JAM at Colonial in CT
5/10 Qualifying 3rd at Westchester in NJ

Amateur JAM LCRC 8/24/18
Amateur 3rd at ACC Field Specialty on 10/25/17

Open 4th at CNYRC on 5/26/17

Future Litters

dog head Late Fall 2019 Sage and Abe

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Wendy Shepard Chisholm V.M.D.
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